unity in diversity

Diversity is not a curse but a blessing. Nations with diverse cultures has being known to achieve remarkable socio-economic and technological feats. The same goes with scientific innovations resulting from groundbreaking ideas. Some countries of the world today couldn't have reached their advancement level if not for diverse cultures and races within. But, these developments couldn't have been possible if not for the provision of an enabling environment, harnessing of man's potentials, and most importantly unity.
A look at 'Unity in Diversity' reveals a skilfully composed abstract piece, done using the prime art painting medium of oil, and set on a canvas frame as support. The inter-woven abstract design is an admiration to behold as they flow harmonically into each other, echoing the central theme of the piece_ Unity. Bringing these united designs together portrays a diverse but related abstracts, which depicts the Socio-physical state of man's interpersonal relationship with fellow man.
           What is this Unity in diversity portraying? It is showing the unity of various cultures, languages and races etc for an enabling environment that can engender peace and development. Unity is an important factor that brings peace and development irrespective of tribes or ethnicity. Promoting unity is making peace and development to thrive.
           With complementary colors of Blue, Green and Purple, together with the designs having bold dark outlines, you have a nice piece of painting that can settle or hang, as well as match any decorative space comfortably.

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