According to James Allen: "Dreamers are saviors of the world". That is why the world was built by those who 'crossed bridges' in their mind long before anyone else does.
Back in elementary school, there was a time i was one of the worst pupils in class. My results were nothing to write home about. As a kid, i like to play around all day, but beside that, i was full of creativity and intelligence yet to be unleashed and revealed. However, i was gripped by a 'special' disability that adds to the poor academic performances and learning injury. That gave me a really big challenge as i could not cope 100% in class. The resultant effect of this challenge was that i most of the time became depressed. While most other classmates react positively, i'm either indifferent or i react negatively, if they got it right, i gets it wrong or poorly. At some stages, some of my classmates thought i was a blockhead, and i ended up becoming a victim of mockery and laughter sometimes.
But here is the good news., whenever a project or test on drawing is given, they'll all cluster around me begging "please draw for me", "will you draw for me?". I became the artist of the class! Before then, they with the teacher had just noticed that i had an uncanny ability to draw and paint. That fetched me admiration and a bit of respect too from them., even though i am not yet a brilliant pupil or a brainiac. Like i said before, it has not been unraveled or unleashed.
 However, when i got to primary 5, something happened in one of the terms. I took it upon myself, and started eyeing to be finishing among the top 10 in class. I knew if i could be studious, then i would one day finish among the top three. So, i started reading my books seriously., even at night. I learnt how to set reading time table from my mom, nobody taught me that., not even she. And you know what?_ i could cram, thanks goodness, i am no blockhead. So, on one occasion, we were having revision in class. I began to show my brilliance, answering most of the questions i could answer correctly. The teacher was marveled, and she praised me in front of the class, lifting my hand up. It was in this level of elementary school that my academic prowess started showing. And don't forget i'm still the artist., one of the best draughtmen in class. Well, my effort to finish among the top 10, however, did not materialize, but it benefited me a great deal and helped me improve. So, the once taunted dummy became an intelligent brainiac all through secondary to tertiary education. I meant i was doing admiringly well in my academics, but not without challenges and failures too, which are all normal.
Now what do you learnt from these?_ That you can achieve anything if you put your mind at it with determination and focus. That is a part of the reason why i can't stop shooting at the moon., and trying to touch it too. It does not matter what others say, or what your family background is like, your educational status, health or financial standing. It posits that if you THINK YOU CAN, then YOU CAN. If you think IT IS POSSIBLE, then IT IS POSSIBLE.
                I cannot stop aiming high because achievers are winners. There victory or achievement of their target leads to the advancement and improvement of self, others and society. When you are striving to achieve a goal, whether difficult or easy, short term or long term., and you achieves it, how do you feel? Do not you feel happy or accomplished? Do not you felt relieved? Whichever way it is, the above is the psychological state of someone who realizes his/her dreams. My aiming high does not mean i'm overly ambitious, neither am i egocentric. Whenever i have ambitions, or nursing one, the questions i ask myself are., "is it only for me?", "who'll it most impact?", "which people will benefit?" etc. These are the questions you should ask yourself when you have dreams and ambitions.
           My aiming high resulted in my being productive, as it is said that there will be "No smoke without fire". When you achieves a target, you have produced result., but it must be positive for it to impact you or others. I take into consideration the time frame for achieving a target. I don't procrastinate on my activities, especially if they're important and necessary. The ability to focus, be innovative, creativity as well as diligence, all contributed to my productivity. Thank You!☺☺❤❤

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