It was a good day., and the creative and artistic energy beckons. Taking hold of a pencil and a pen, with a paper laid out, the 'Dike Igbo' drawing was forced out of the two-dimensional surface.
     This was an idea that has been dancing in my creative brain for quite a while. After imagining and developing the idea, the implementation or action stage follows. My gifted hand and fingers have to skilfully manipulate the mediums to reveal what was borne in mind_ The Dike Igbo.
 When i started thinking about the exploits and gallantry of igbo warriors of old., not only those distinguished in warfare, but including eminent  chiefs, title holders, business moguls, accomplished professionals in various fields, the inspiration for this piece of art was birthed. It is no doubt that the igbos recognizes their sons and daughters who have distinguished themselves in their area of endeavors, thereby contributing their quota to the development of the society. They are not only recognized, but also revered. And in many cases, such achievement leads to various awards., and typical of our culture, the personality often gets titled.
This work is a good composition that flows into each other, showing a rather rhythmical connection of subjects. The horns is an object of holding a chieftain title and this was assentuated by the beads, that appeared to be cascading or dangling from the hero's neck. An observation of a horn held by a titled individual as a symbol of chieftancy, sees it as bearing decorative patterns or design, as well as having stylized shape or curve.
The overall general effect, the visual aestheticism, and a good use of mediums actually scored this piece high as one of my favorites. Lest i forgets! 'Dike' is an igbo word which means 'Hero' in English. Thank you for reading!

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