REVIEW OF 'THE NARROW ESCAPE' PAINTING (A Non-fictional true life story)

Reality xpression
It was 3.20pm that fateful day. I was returning from 'No way Out' where I went to watch John Cena Vs Great Khali. When I reached the 'Death Valley', I saw pandemonium. People were shouting, running helter skelter and with their hands on their heads. Chikena, their slippers were flying in the air and their heels was touching the back of their heads. Wetin katakata be this?? One obgeni said Na Boko haram o, another Madagascar dey say na armed robbers.
When I don come walk only 200 feets, i ran into the trap. Wahala dey o! quickly quickly, i dived for bush like Arnold schwarzzenegger. Unknown to me, the part where i dived to has got a slope., so down i go Zzzzzzzhzzzh like jangle over. When i finally landed, i climbed back way to the top, peeped unto the street and thanked God for saving me from their bullets or even bombs. I dusted myself, put hands for pocket and discovered that the luv letter i want to send to a prospective girlfriend in china has disappeared! LOL, it is just a joke!!